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Store as many recipes as you like. In as many categories you feel comfortable with.

Create your digital Recipe Binder, just by taking photos of dishes and recipes you find in your favourite magazines. At home, at the hairdresser’s or wherever you read them.

Collecting and organising magazine recipes has never been easier.

Taking two pictures,  that's all it takes.



Next time you spot an appetizing recipe in a magazine, take out your smartphone, open the Recipe Binder app and shoot it. Wherever you are - at home, at the hairdresser's, in a waiting room.

That's how easy Recipe Binder makes it to collect and organise recipes you find in magazines.

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Recipe Binder 2.0

Cloud version available soon

To offer you a secure and permanent backup of your recipes - and to make them available on all your devices - a cloud version of Recipe Binder is in the oven. If you like to be informed as soon as it's ready to be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, click on the button below and send us your e-mail address. We won't use it for any other reason.